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Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. Cardi B has come a LONG way since Forbes recognizes her past life working as a stripper, and these days as one

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Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. Cardi B has come a LONG way since Forbes recognizes her past life working as a stripper, and these days as one of the most influential female rappers of all time. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. Her success built over social media, and she became an internet celebrity before anything else.

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Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos
Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos 

Now she’s a successful rapper, songwriter, and TV personality with multiple awards under her belt – EVEN, including a Grammy. She’s only 27 at the time of this recording, but Cardi has settled down with Migos rapper, Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. Offset, and I’m sure you already know about the couple’s past drama. BUT the most recent news is that the pair just finally moved into their DREAM mansion after a search that took them over two years.

Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos.

And let me tell you, this place is impressive. They showed off their new mega-mansion on Instagram and gave a whole house tour over Christmas. Cardi is super excited to live there with Offset and their baby daughter Kulture. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. At the time of this video, Cardi’s Instafollowing sits at over a 56million while her man Offset has 15.3 million on the platform. If you think that’s a lot, the couples combined net worth is even more impressive.

cardi b net worth
cardi b net worth

With Cardi having an estimated net worth of24 mill and Offset with about 26 mills, they hold over 50 million together. And that’s enough to buy any damn house they want. Hey guys, it’s Kara, and today we’re doing another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos.

We’re going to look at the brand new DREAM MANSION in Atlanta that Cardi B and Offset just moved into and give you guys all the details.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I love connecting with you guys! I’ve also been reading all your comments, and I’m responding to some at the end of this. Please let me know who to do next in the comments below and who’s home you’d like to see.

First off, we know that Cardi and Offset’s new home isn’t in Hollywood like your average celebrities. Nope, it’s actually In Buckhead, Atlanta, and from what we know, Cardi already had some experience living in this neighborhood. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. When Kulture was born, Cardi spent a fair share of her time living in Buckhead’s mansion that she rented.

cardi b height
cardi b height

She and Offset were on a “BREAK” at this time Offset has been calling Atlanta home for a long time now,

so I’m guessing Cardistayed there so he could be close to Kulture too. When the couple reconciled, Cardi moved back into Offset’s mansion.

Cardi B Recent Instagram Photos.

However, she still shared quite a few memorable moments with baby Kulturein that home Like I said, Offset was living in Atlanta for quite some time, and he and Cardi were calling his mansion home until they found their new place. Cardi talked about living with Offset in Atlanta last year; she said that Offset is never comfortable in New York.

cardi b daughter
cardi b daughter

He loves down south. He told me to move in with him in Atlanta. I stayed in his house a couple of times, but it’s so hard to live there. He decided, though, that we’re going to build a house in Atlanta, and that’s the house that we’re going to raise our kids in” Offset made his house family ready when Cardi and baby Kulture moved in and even set up her fancy crib at the time.

Although Offset’s mansion was lavish and had plenty of space for the fam Cardi and Offset were DETERMINED to find their dream house together even though it took them over two years. ATLANTA DREAM HOMEFinally is time to look at their new Atlanta dream home. The couple just moved into this Christmas. Cardi and Offset have been pretty vocal about house hunting, and it’s been taking them over two years to find “the one.”

Cardi told fans in an IG live that they were planning on having their family home in Atlanta, and we know that’s definitely what Offsetwanted. The couple thought they would have to get their dream home built for them, but that would’ve taken over three years.

Thanks to their realtor, Brandi Hunter LewisCardi and Offset found the dream mansion in Buckhead Atlanta that they would be calling home; Cardi said on IG that it was hard for her and Offset to find something that checked both their boxes, but this house did, and they loved the neighborhood it was in too.

We don’t know the exact price the couple paid for the mansion, but its value is listed at over 5.7 million on the real estate site. Let’s assume Cardi and Offset paid that. Cardi B and Offset’s new mansion is 22,500square feet and was built back in 2006.

cardi b height in feet
cardi b height in feet

It sits on 6 acres of fully private land, with beautiful landscaping and gardens surrounding it. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. There are five beds, seven baths, and four half baths. From Cardi’s videos, we can see that the place isn’t furnished yet, but they know how they will set it up.

I mean, after all, Cardi does say it’s only her second time seeing the house. You can see the mega high ceilings, all the windows, the massive entryway, and what will be their living room.

Atlanta mansion has beautiful winding staircases (photo) and many different rooms on the main floor, including the library, which can also double as an office space. Then Cardi and Offset show off their massive basement, where Cardi says she’s going to use one room as her beauty room to get ready and all that.

cardi b instagram
cardi b instagram

The rest of the basement is for Offset, and he’s using it as a man cave. You can hear him telling Cardi she cants hang down there. Their new home also has a massive Wine cellar that holds 1800 bottles (photo), and Cardi says they’re going to start drinking wine just because of that. Moving upstairs, we can see more of the bedrooms; there’s even what the real estate calls the second master because it’s so huge.

Cardi B Instagram Viral Photos.

There’s also a room upstairs Cardi picked already to be the kids’ player, so I’m sure the couple is planning on growing their family soon. Each bedroom even has its private bathroom too. The Offset will also have a second man cave in the garage for all of his cars. It’s labeled as a four-car garage, but he’ll fit more than that, I’m sure. In plus, Cardi doesn’t drive, so it’ll be mostly his space.

cardi b and nicki minaj
cardi b and nicki minaj

Outside of Cardi and Offset’s new mansion on their 6 acres of land, you’ll find an infinity pool, of course (pho, too), and a ton of grassland surrounded by trees. One more surprise in Cardi and Offset’s new mega-mansion is the indoor gun range with steel walls.

cardi b and megan thee stallion
cardi b and megan thee stallion

Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. I heard that they can’t even own guns but still looks pretty crazy if they ever get to use that part of the house. I never really see mansions with the range of their weapons, that’s for sure. Maybe other than Dan Bilzerian’s.

cardi b album
cardi b album

CONCLUSIONSo now we’ve seen Cardi B and Offset’s new family mega-mansion in Buckhead Atlanta, I mean, it has taken them years to find a house that both of them fell in love with, so I’m happy for them. Their massive estate in Atlanta looks like it’s suited perfectly for them and baby Kulture because we know the couple likes the fancier things.

From the mega high ceilings to the winding staircases and pillars all over, the place looks good enough for royalty – but the two have earned it with all of their success in the hip hop game. We also know that this mega-mansion is the only real estate that the couple owns.

cardi b and bruno mars
cardi b and bruno mars

Cardi bought a home in New York for her mom back in 2018 that cost her around two mills, and as far as we know, mom’s still living there. Cardi and Offset also put some money down for some land in the Atlanta suburb of Jonesboro, actually purchasing half a street.

This area wasn’t too expensive, and apparently, the couple only paid over 200K for FIVE houses and a plot of property. I think some of the places still have tenants renting them out, but we’re unsure of what the couple has planned for this land. I now believe that they found their dream home; maybe this street was just an investment.

the cardi b movie
the cardi b movie

After seeing all of Cardi B and Offset’s family dream home in Buckhead, which part was your fave? I know plenty of rooms to choose from, but I think I like the main living space and the backyard the best. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how nice it’s going to look when it’s fully furnished.

On our Taylor Swift house tour, Stephen Campellwrote, “Cleaning all those houses must drive Taylorcrazy, maybe she gest her boyfriend to clean them” Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised, Stephen. Cardi B Recent Instagram Viral Photos. I mean, she does have like, eight properties.

the cardi b pepsi commercial
the cardi b pepsi commercial

Luckily she’s rich enough to hire some help. On our Kendall Jenner House tour, Sergio Donissaid: “Your outfit’s cute girl! This was an awesome video! I didn’t realize I’ve never seen her house” Thanks, Sergio!

I’m glad you liked it. And Kendall is one of the more quiet sisters, so she puts out less information about where she lives, that’s for sure. And FINALLY, on our Lady Gaga house tour, MortishaStyles said: “My faves are the Frank Zappa crib, and the new York pad is delicious” she also requested a video on Johnny Depp’s home, which I would love to do.

the cardi b dance
the cardi b dance

So if that’s something you guys would like to see, let me know in the comments. Alright, guys, that’s all I on Cardi B and Offset’s snew mega-mansion and a dream home in Atlanta, Georgia – I don’t think there’s much more to see. I believe that the couple made the perfect choice with their new home and it’s right for both of them by its looks.

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