Why Silence Is Powerful l Here are a few reasons to make silence a part of your day

Why Silence Is Powerful. The Hidden Benefits Of Being Silent Some people enjoy, and may even prefer silenced more often than not. For others, the mere

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Why Silence Is Powerful. The Hidden Benefits Of Being Silent Some people enjoy, and may even prefer silenced more often than not. For others, the mere thought of being in silence can be incredibly uncomfortable. Yes, interaction with others IS essential- after all, we are social beings – Why Silence Is Powerful. however, we can all benefit from some time in silence. That said, it can be hard to find quiet time these days.

Why Silence Is Powerful

Why Silence Is Powerful

The world is frequently in motion, and they’re always some noise happening around us – cars passing by, construction, kids screaming, and people talking. Why Silence Is Powerful. Nevertheless, whether you’re a homebody or a social butterfly – you should try and make some time for yourself, where you can have a little quiet. Here are a few reasons to make silence a part of your day.

Why Silence Is Powerful

Relieve Stress,
Relieve Stress, And Tension Research shows that noise can have a physical effect on your brain and elevate your cortisol levels – the hormone associated with stress. Means you’re more likely to experience chronic stress if you live or work in a noisy environment – such as the downtown core or any area where there’s always a lot going on.

    On the flip side, silence seems to have the opposite effect – it helps release physical and mental tension. According to research, just a few minutes of silence can be more soothing than listening to relaxing music.

    Boost Creativity Creativity
    Boost Creativity Creativity is a big part of life, and the creative process often requires silence – as it is much more difficult to drift off into your imagination when your senses are overloaded. When you’re alone and in a calm environment, you engage more with your mind.

    You’re much more likely to experience more profound thoughts and feelings when you’re not dealing with tons of external stimuli. Brainstorming with others does have its benefits, but most people find that their best work happens when they disconnect from the outside world and give 100% of their attention to their craft.

    Improve Focus
    Improve Focus The constant stimulation your brain receives on a day-to-day basis can put significant stress on the medial prefrontal cortex and impede your attention span, as well as your problem solving and higher thinking abilities. As a result, you become mentally tired, and you lose your ability to focus.

    Having fewer distractions allows your brain to slow down and concentrate. Quiet environments help your mind restore its attention resources – encouraging more effortless cognitive function. It may not always be possible to escape somewhere quiet when you’re at work or in school, but going out for a walk when you get the chance, can help recharge your brain and help you regain focus.

    Stimulate Brain Cell Growth Studies
    Stimulate Brain Cell Growth Studies have found that just two hours of quiet time can stimulate new brain cell growth in the hippocampus – the region of the brain that’s linked to your learning ability, memory, Why Silence Is Powerful. and emotional processing. Some findings also suggest that silence can be therapeutic for conditions associated with having a decreased rate of neuron regeneration in the hippocampus – such as depression or Alzheimer’s disease.

    Attain Greater Self Awareness
    Attain Greater Self Awareness. If distractions are always diverting your attention, you can never really work on improving your life. That’s another reason why practising silence so beneficial. Regularly taking time to self-reflect can help you get a better sense of the big picture and where your life is going. Being aware of the changes you’d like to make will lead you to start taking conscious actions to improve.

    Enhance Your Intuition
    Enhance Your Intuition Silence can also help you develop and improve your intuition. You see, when you’re alone, you’re more likely to engage in self-talk. And it’s this self-talk that can enhance your intuition – since you are listening to yourself.

    Why Silence Is Powerful. And the more time you spend alone and in silence, the more you’ll engage in self-talk – thus, developing your intuition, even further. You learn how to trust and believe in yourself more, and therefore trust your gut instincts more.

    Broaden Your Perspective Silence
    Broaden Your Perspective Silence helps you reflect on not just yourself, but everything around you. A calm, quiet environment can give you the ability to see yourself and your situation from a different perspective – a more positive or realistic one, or from the perspective of someone else.

    Instead of being held back by only seeing one side of the situation, you can step back and realize all sides of it. When you accept your responsibility and your role in whatever happens to you, you gain more control over the situation and the ability to change it.

    Improve Your Relationships
    Improve Your Relationships If you’re like most people, you often find yourself eagerly waiting for your turn to speak in a conversation, rather than actively listening to the other person. Training yourself to become more comfortable with silence will also help you to focus more on a person you’re talking.

    You can better absorb what they’re saying, before jumping in with your thoughts. You may even see them in a different light! When you consciously practise silence and deep listening in your relationships, you begin to feel more compassion and empathy toward the people in your life.

    Make Better Decisions
    Make Better Decisions If you find yourself sweating every small decision, and becoming stressed just thinking about what you want for dinner, you have a problem with decision-making.

    It’s not the actual indecision that makes the process so hard, but rather your self-doubt and unsure ness of your decision-making abilities that hinder you from moving forward. In silence, you can listen to yourself and sort through your thoughts much better. Taking time to find the answer you need can help you make better decisions overall. Why Silence Is Powerful.

    Attain A Higher Level Of EmotionalStability
    Attain A Higher Level Of EmotionalStability Your emotional stability can also reap the benefits of being in silence. Negative emotions are less likely to affect you, and inconveniences won’t anger you as easily – improving your mental stability as well. Getting away from the overload of sensations in everyday life removes most of the distractions that can lead to instability.

    Become More Disciplined
    Become More Disciplined A lot of people find the idea of staying in silence for 15-20 minutes a day impossibly hard – they may even roll their eyes at the thought and dismiss it immediately.

    Despite how difficult something like this may sound, the reward – which is gaining more discipline – will far outweigh any effort you put in. And the field is something that carries over to other parts of your life as well. Self-discipline helps with focus and determination- to go after your goals in both your personal and professional life.

    Understand Yourself Better
    Understand Yourself Better Those who lead successful lives, both personally and professionally, are the ones who truly understand themselves. They’re self-aware enough to know what their potential is – they know their strengths and weaknesses and what they can accomplish. When you know yourself better, you know what you can give to the world and what you want out of it. Why Silence Is Powerful.

    And knowing your priorities will help you find the best way to go about getting the most out of life. As you can see, silence has many benefits- physically, mentally, and emotionally – but if external stimuli continuously surround you, you never get to experience any of them altogether.

    To truly establish inner peace, you have to try and dedicate at least a small amount of your time to get away from daily life, and be in silence and focus on yourself. Spending time by yourself isn’t a bad thing.

    So learn to enjoy the quiet, and watch how a few minutes a day can transform and improve your life. Now tell us, do you practice being in silence? If so, what are some ways you squeeze quiet time into your daily life? Let us know in the comments below!



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