10 Richest Billionaires That Are Way Cheaper Than You Think, Top billionaires in the world

10 Richest Billionaires. Being a billionaire is every typical mainstream. After all, which mortal on this planet would not want a lavish lifestyle? Bu

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10 Richest Billionaires. Being a billionaire is every typical mainstream. After all, which mortal on this planet would not want a lavish lifestyle? But what most of us are not aware of is that the world’s wealthiest people can be far more frugal than us. Finding it hard to believe? 10 Richest Billionaires. So prepare to be shocked, for we will introduce you to 10 of the world’s cheapest billionaires. You won’t think how far they go for saving a dime.

10 Richest Billionaires That Are Way Cheaper Than You Think

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  1. Bill Gates
  2. Mark Zuckerberg
  3. Carlos Slim Helú
  4. Charles Ergen frugality
  5. Amancio Ortega
  6. John Caudwell John Caudwell
  7. Jim C. Walton
  8. Azim Premji
  9. Ingvar Kamprad
  10. Warren Buffett’s

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the most famous names among billionaires. He has remained atop the richest list on this planet for 15 straight years, still in the top two on this list. Bill Gates is not frugal as he owns125 million-dollar houses, Xanadu 2.0, and many other prized possessions. 10 Richest Billionaires.

Bill Gates

But some tales of his frugality are doing rounds on the web. Like he wears a $10 watch! What? Yes, but it’s not limited to that. Once, Bill and Warren Buffett, the third richest in the world right now, we’re eating at a McDonald’s outlet in Hongkong. 10 Richest Billionaires. Buffet paid for the meal with coupons. In his earlier days, Bill would fly coach, even after becoming a billionaire. He certainly doesn’t believe in frivolous expenditures.

Mark Zuckerberg.

Who doesn’t know the founder and CEO of Facebook? His net worth is around 71 billion dollars. Despite being one of the wealthiest techs preneursin the world, Mark Zuckerberg leads a relatively frugal lifestyle. Guess he prefers being a nerd more than being an opulent aristocrat.

His wardrobe is monotonous with colour at all. He says that this way, he has to make fewer decisions. He prefers driving a manual-transmission Volkswagen hatchback than a swashbuckling supercar. However, his frugality is appreciable because he’s quite generous when it comes to philanthropy. Zuckerberg donates regularly and has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth in charity.

The top richest person in the world

Carlos Slim Helú

Founder of Grupo Carso and owner of America Movil are among the richest men in Mexico’s neighbouring country. He is one of the two people alongside JeffBezos, to have surpassed the net worth of Bill Gates. With a net worth of around 67 billion dollars, it should come as a surprise that this man lives well below his means.

Carlos Slim Helú

He has lived in the same six-bedroom house for more than 40 years. Not known to be a lavish spender, the 76-year-old still drives an old Mercedes-Benz to work. Now, he could easily hire a chauffeur; they prefer zipping around the town all by himself. 10 Richest Billionaires. His companies, too, run quite austerely. He enjoys sharing home-cooked meals with his children and grandchildren. Perhaps, he understands there’s more to life than money.

Charles Ergen frugality

would have been a virtue; then, Charlie Ergen possesses it in large quantities. Despite being the chairman of Dish Network, he still packs a brown-bag lunch every day. One cannot believe this as his net worth is around 13.4 billion dollars.

Charles Ergen frugality

Ergen says that his mother is responsible for his penny-pinching habits. His mother grew up in the era of the great depression. Now you know If you are wondering what’s in that brown lunch bag, then here’s your answer. It is a regular beef or chicken sandwich. He also brings along a bottle of Gatorade to work. He is even known to share hotel rooms with colleagues during travel.

Amancio Ortega

Next, on this list, is the Spanish billionaire, Amancio Ortega, whose net worth is 71 billion dollars. He is the Inditex fashion group founder, best known for its clothing and accessories chain, ZARA. Despite being one of the top 10 in the Forbes wealthiest list, he eats lunch with his employees in the cafeteria at his Zara Headquartersin Arteixo.

World richest person

He even frequents the same coffee shop he has been visiting for years. He could easily see the poshest restaurants for his meals, but he prefers privacy and austerity in his lifestyle. He is so thrifty in spending ways to buy his clothes from his clothing chain.

John Caudwell John Caudwell

the billionaire from the United Kingdom was the co-founder of Phones4U. He ranks #722 on the Forbes’ List with 2.6billion dollars. But when it comes to penny-pinching, Caudwellis, a leader in this regard. He cycles 14 miles to work every day.

John Caudwell John Caudwell

But his frugal measures are not limited to this. He cuts his hair so as not to waste time at the barber. Wait, there’s more. He even buys his clothes off the rack at Mark‘ sand Spencer’s. Though he’s an avid philanthropist, one still wonders why he’s so meagre and modest in his ways. Maybe, it’s his frugal lifestyle that helped him climb the ladders of success.

Jim C. Walton

One would expect the owners of Wal Mart to have a lavish lifestyle. After all, it is the world’s largest chain of retail stores. But this assumption is far from reality. Jim inherited his $16.4 billion fortune from his dad, Sam Walton. Walton Senior has always been famous for his prudent spending practices. The son is also known to be equally economical. He drives an old Dodge Dakota and stays in the small town of Bentonville in Arkansas, in a modest home.

Azim Premji

This billionaire from India could make Ebenezer Scrooge look like a benevolent and kind man. Azim Premji is worth 17.1 billion dollars and heads the Indian tech-services giant Wipro. Yet, Premji drives a Corolla. He flies coach and even stays in company guesthouses when he is on a business trip.

Azim Premji

What comes as a shocker is that he ordered paper plates for his son’s wedding. He could order the best china and cutlery from around the world, but no, he had to set a milestone in stinginess. But wait, there’s more. He asks his employees to use toilet paper sparingly. Man, that’s too miserly. Who does that? He is even known to ask his employees to switch off the lights when they leave.

Ingvar Kamprad

God blesses this late billionaire. He shouldn’t have been on this list because he isn’t alive. But had he been living now, Ingvar Kampradwould undoubtedly is the uncrowned king of frugal billionaires. With a net worth of 52 billion, some flamboyance expected out of him.

He was known to own a 15-year old Volvo sedan, lived in a plain house, and travelled by bus. He even assembled his own IKEA furniture in this own home. But we don’t blame him. After all, he built his vast empire right from scratch.

Warren Buffett’s

The man who trained Bill Gates to be inexpensive and dare we say, cheap. With a net worth of 84 billion dollars, there hardly anything on this planet that Buffett can’t buy.

Warren Buffett's

However, he still lives in the same home he bought more than 50 years ago for 31,000 dollars. He drives a 2006 Cadillac. Buffett is an ardent supporter of the middle class, so we are not surprised how ‘cheap’ he is.


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