10 Types of hugs and what they mean, Tight hug meaning from a girl

10 Types of hugs and what they mean. what is better than a warm hug? Keep that humping and thumping out of the bedroom for a while, and then answer! W

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10 Types of hugs and what they mean. what is better than a warm hug? Keep that humping and thumping out of the bedroom for a while, and then answer! What do you crave the most on a bad day? It is a bearlike hug, without a doubt! Hugs are warm, cuddly, comforting, reassuring, and everything you will ever need to get your mood sunny and bright. 10 Types of hugs and what they mean

Unless you have Haphephobia, you have hugged enough people in your life to know that they have different styles of hugs. Some you love and others, not so much! But why is that so? 10 Types of hugs and what they mean The answer is simple- there are different types of hugs, and each has a different meaning! Stay tuned if you want to know them all!

10 Types of hugs and what they mean

Number 1. The Bear Hug

What do you do when you want to say a million words but can’t utter even a single one? You envelop the person in the warmest of hugs and let emotions flow through! If you’ve ever received a hug where you felt you’d be crushed in their arms, consider yourself lucky.

The Bear Hug

This person doesn’t want to let go of you! Isn’t that adorable? Girl, 10 Types of hugs and what they mean if your boyfriend hugs you this way, it means that he is committed and wants this relationship to last a lifetime. He’d both protect and cherish you till death tears you apart! Oops, that sounds straight out of a romantic movie!

Number 2. The Naughty Hug

No matter if your man is an ass-guy or a boobs-man, his hand is bound to slip to your posterior when he wants to indicate his “naughtiness”! How many times have you felt his hand dropdown to your bubble butt while you two were entwined in a hug?

Naughty Hug
Naughty Hug

Of course, it won’t happen every time; he’ll deserve this for the times when bedroom action is on his mind! But if you receive the naughty hug from someone you are not into a relationship with, kindly reward the creep with a hot slap on his face. 10 Types of hugs and what they mean He surely deserves a sting of your fingers!

Number 3. London-Bridge

Hughes is an awkward hug and depicts how emotionally distant the two people are. You are right; this one is far from romantic! When two people hug, and only their upper bodies touch while the lower portions seem to maintain a bridge-like gap, that what we call the London-Bridge hug.

It is a perfect sign of disagreement or awkwardness between people into a hug that they are so resenting! If you like someone and are being “blessed” with such a hug, think of the person as polite but leave them alone!

What does it mean when a girl hugs you first?

Number 4. The Twirl Hug.

One of the most fantastic kinds of hugs a girl will ever get is the twirl hug! 10 Types of hugs and what they mean It is free-spirited and whimsical, just what you need to make this relationship endearing! Imagine you are going for a hug but when you and in his arms.

What does it mean when a girl hugs you first?

He whisks you and spins you around before steadying you again. How will that feel? Don’t answer; your dreamy expressions say it all! Every girl wants to hug this way at least once, but not all of them are lucky. A guy will go for a twirl hug when he has been away for a while and has missed you like crazy. Think of this as pure romance!

Number 5. The Sneaky Hugh.

Romance at its best! Picture yourself doing the dishes or say baking cake, and your man tiptoes up to you and wraps his arms around your waist. Of course, you’ll be startled at first, but when his moist lips land on your neck and as he lets out a breath on your ears, you’ll have a tingling sensation.

What imagery, we deserve a pat on our back! But let’s give some credit to the intimate feeling of this hug also. Anyway, the point is that this “sneaky” hug is always welcomed unless, of course, you are on your period and ready to bite his head off!

Number 6. The Buddy Hug.

A sweet hug but not what you’d want to receive from your crush! A gentle embrace followed by a pat on the back, that’s how guys greet each other. Do you want to be a part of the “bro” squad? If yes, then rejoice when you receive this type of hug from a guy because hello,

you’ve been admitted! But if you’d rather play the girlfriend than a “bro,” weep your eye out when he gives you this hug. We are a sorry girl, you’ve been, and he has no feelings for you whatsoever! Wait, not all is lost. If you are getting some tight hugs from him in private, then maybe he’s just opposed to PDA!

Number 7. The Long-Lasting huge.

Words needed; just an embrace is enough! We all go through times when you would rather deal with things in silence than cry it all out. Those are some challenging situations, and the only thing that can keep us going is a hug that needs no words, no explanations, and no solutions.

embrace  huge

There is a peaceful silence that does at your wounds but envelopes you into a blanket of understanding! This hug goes on for ages and represents unconditional love and care. Not only by a significant other, but you may also get this hug from people who care for you!

Tight hug meaning from a girl

Number 8. The One-Way Hug

How does it feel when you are hugging someone with all you’ve got but don’t get the same response? Forget a similar reply; the person does steven lift an arm to acknowledge the hug! That is rude and annoying and awkward! Ever been there?

Congrats, you were also given a one-way hug just like the rest of us! If you’ve ever experienced this hug, then you that it feels like you hugged a rag doll, with no feelings and no enthusiasm. Well, that’s pretty much how this relationship is- no feelings from them, just a one-way street!

Number 9. The Sleepy Hughes

Hughes is the stuff of romance novels! Haven’t we all read about the chilly evenings that call for a cuddle? Moments when you step on the terrace to enjoy the cool breeze with your girl, and she falls asleep on your shoulder.

That cute smile, her flowing hair, and her arms wrapped around you, who wouldn’t give up everything on life for this one moment? You would then wrap a blanket over yourselves and rest your cheek on her sleepy head. Do you know why she so readily falls asleep on your shoulder? She trusts you. We told you it is the ultimate romance stuff!

Number 10. The Eye-To-Eye Hug

When do you know that your bond is unshakeable? The ultimate litmus test would be this hug! It is when you enter a hug while locking eyes. Hugging but not breaking eye contact shows that you don’t want to miss a chance to look into the depths of your partner’s soul!

Eye-To-Eye Hug
Eye-To-Eye Hug

It is an intimate moment where looking deep into the other person’s eyes is essential. A connection forms at that moment that is like nothing else, pure and serene! If you get such hugs from your partner, know that you have something special to hold on to, don’t give up on this! Which of these hugs do you get the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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