10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym And Dieting?

10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym. Saw that model on Instagram with a hot body and felt jealous, now that's the story we've all lived! So you are

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10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym. Saw that model on Instagram with a hot body and felt jealous, now that’s the story we’ve all lived! So you are craving a perfectly sculpted body, hit the gym! sweating in the gym is not your cup of tea, we understand! 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym.

So what’s the plan, are you going to be stuck with that paunch for life? Go easy guys, let’s help you out with the cheat sheet here. 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym. How about we unveil the tips and tricks to get rid of those excess pounds hanging from your belly? If we’ve hit the spot for you, stay tuned!

10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym.

Number 10. Pen it down Gulping a bag of chips or a tub of popcorn while you are binge-watching Netflix is an everyday schedule for most of us. Have you ever given a thought to how many calories you are ingesting at that hour?

Gulping a bag of chips
Gulping a bag of chips

Not, but that will have to change now. Yea people pull out a notebook and pen down how many calories you are engulfing and when. That’ll tell you a lot about your eating pattern, problem areas, and thus you can manage it better. Food journals are simple! 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym.

Number 9. Avoid liquid calories it’s so hot, and I need a sip of lemonade. What a hectic day, need a glass of wine to release the stress. Weekend calls for flowing beer. 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym.

Avoid liquid calories
Avoid liquid calories 

Could you relate to that? Congrats you have been downing hundreds of calories with every glass! We know drinking reminds you of calories less compared to eating, so it is relatively more straightforward. But we’ve got to stop that right now if you have even the faintest of goal to lose weight. Water tastes just fine, time to switch!

How to lose weight without gym equipment

Number 8. Pair it well craving is bound to happen and they aren’t so bad.

Pair it well craving
Pair it well craving

Trust us; we aren’t going crazy here! You can manage them well if you follow this simple trick we are giving you. When you crave a bar of chocolate, take a piece and pair it with yoghurt. Chips are, 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without but why not tag along with some veggies with them? These combos might not seem so fun but will prevent you from overdoing the junk part. Cool enough to be tried!

Number 7. Take the stairs, yet we know you aren’t living in the prehistoric era without your beloved technology though that would have been better! Okay leave that thought behind and come back to the present where elevators are more common than birds, sigh. What floor is your office? Climb three flights of stairs and then join the others in the lift, it isn’t so toughly! A small step but you’ll eliminate the risk of weight gain to a great extent. We guess it’s worth it!

Number 6. Hit the sack What were you doing at 2:00 am? Watching Netflix, scrolling Facebook, and snap chatting; we thought as much! Did we miss out on something from the schedule? Yea, midnight snacking! Any idea how many calories make way to your growling tummy when you force your eyes to stay open till the cuckoo sings? Not to miss you are hampering your hormones and you know what that does to you? You guessed it right, tremendous weight gain!

Number 5. Make your food picking up a wrap on your way home can save you so much time, but what about the calories? Didn’t you pile upon them for no valid reason? An average chicken Caesar wrap contains about610 calories with 1440mg sodium. 10 Ways How To Lose Weight Without Gym

Would you look at the wrap with the same feelings again? Yes, prepare it at home with 230calories! You aren’t taking so much pain for anything; you keep a check on salt, sugar, and oil which cooking. Quality check will also be bang on, a win-win situation!

Number 4. One mile ruleDo you take out your car each time you have to run errands, even if they aren’t more than a mile away? You are keeping yourself from losing about15 pounds a year, how can you afford to that! Why not burn calories instead of gas while you do your daily errands in the market? It is economical and burns calories. Do you need more reasons?

How to lose weight without gym at home

Number 3. Treat slowlyWho said you had to give up on treats to lose weight? Who cares, we want to say don’t mind him! When you curb your cravings regularly, they’ll come out at once, and you’ll binge eat that stock of chocolates, not your plan we guess!

Now take out that chocolate bar, break a piece, and take a long stare at it. Bring it close to your nose and feed its aroma in your mind. Chew it slowly, feeling its texture and taste. Have a romantic encounter with it; you’ll be satisfied early and thus eat less!

Number 2. Stash fruit how many times have you given into the dessert temptation post-lunch at work? Oh, those candies are so tempting or ca not hurt the co-worker, so here we grab a piece of cake she baked so lovingly! Sounds so relatable, right? There goes your vow to lose weight!

We repeat NO because now you prefer to sweeten up your mouth with fruit! Yea, you are going to stock some fruit at your work desk because you’ll feel popping a grape is easier than fetching candy!

Number 1. Set aside leftoversWhat happens when you cook a little extra than your appetite? Come on; we’ve all been there! You don’t want to waste it, and so you load your plate. Don’t deny that, you’ve done it! That’s the easiest way to overeat and increase your calorie intake. Did you need to do that?

Yea we know you can’t be exact with food quantity, but an airtight container can come to your rescue! That’s a healthier option than eating for two. Do you have any more weight loss tips to add to this list? Tell us in the comment section below.


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