8 Surprising Reasons Men Love Dating Older Women

Men Love Dating Older Women. Dating has become so much more comfortable with technology guiding us through the painstaking process of landing our perf

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Men Love Dating Older Women. Dating has become so much more comfortable with technology guiding us through the painstaking process of landing our perfect one! But these sites and apps that match us to people with similar interests are notorious because their statistics reveal men prefer to date women. Men Love Dating Older Women.

Who are in their 20s even if they are 50 years old themselves! The strange thing is that this inclination of man to date younger women is acceptable, but the reverse often frowns! Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with gender equality jargon because the point here is that unlike these men.

Article summary

  • Confidence
  • No commitment
  • Better dates your idea
  • No liabilities
  • No biological clock ticking
  • On the one hand
  • Experience helps
  • Self-awareness

Reasons Men Love Dating Older Women

Men Love Dating Older Women. Going against the societal taboo, such exist, so even if you aren’t Madonna or JLo, you may find love in a younger man, Afterall there are so many reasons why men want to date mature women. Wanna know about them?


Confidence is sexy as if you didn’t already know this- men find confident women sexy! Still, younger women tend to be insecure about themselves because they can’t help but compare themselves to the models they regularly see on the covers of Vogue and GQ!

8 Surprising Reasons Men Love Dating Older Women

They suffer from unhealthy self-image because, let’s face it- flawless skin, concave belly, hourglass figure with zero cellulite is the most common body type! Men Love Dating Older Women. On the other hand, older women have been through all this and have emerged out smarter with the knowledge that they are sexy in their skin. Guess what? Men find this so much sexier than young girls who get jealous by a simple, “She looks pretty”!

No commitment

No commitment pressure may sound more like a stereotype but let’s face it; this applies 8 out of 10times! Younger women are more likely to run after commitment than mature women. Men Love Dating Older Women. Older ladies have had their fair share of serious relationships, seen the pros and cons, and have probably grown tired of them, at least you can hope for the last bit!

The point is that mature women know what kinda emotional stress comes with a serious relationship and are thus not jumping at any opportunity they get to tag the guy as their “boyfriend” unless, of course, everything is working out just fine! The men won’t feel strangled with the expectation of commitment with older women and trust us; this is a good enough reason to date them!

Why men like older women psychology

Better dates your idea

Better dates your idea of a date is getting drunk, dancing to the music blaring from some annoying speakers, and then passing out in the washroom, and then you are better off with a young girl. But if intellectual conversations stimulate you more than seeing semi-naked girls in the club, you might want to explore the other options!

Better dates your idea

Older women are generally more aware of the world and can give you fantastic trivia while sipping expensive wine in a relatively more human-like place. The best part is that you may not even have to pay for her drinks; remember we told you, she is financially independent, and sharing the cost might be her style!

No liabilities

No liabilities you are an older woman, the chances are that you are already well settled in your life with your career in place and priorities well laid out. You had a way of life before the man walked by and swept you off your feet, and you probably will still live like the independent woman you are.

You won’t make your man the centre of your life, and that’s something most men like and something most young women fail to give them! Plus, how can we forget that older women already have money, house, and car, so they aren’t probably after your money? That’s a considerable doubt cleared out, boys. You can take a sigh of relief!

No biological clock ticking

No biological clock ticking millennials and Generation Y males are no longer like their ancestors who had a settled career, married, and proud parents to 3 by the time they hit 35! Men Love Dating Older Women. This generation will most likely devote a few years to fun before mentally preparing themselves to settle down and plana family.

No biological clock ticking

Don’t judge them; after all, most of them are still struggling to pay off their student loans and stabilize a career, so where’s space for a family? Why dating an older woman is an excellent idea because her biological clock isn’t ticking like a younger woman. The mature lady has already been through this phase and is not looking for something permanent, at least we hope so!

On the one hand

On the one hand, the right approach here, young girls wait for the man to make a move, older ladies aren’t afraid of approaching a man at the bar if they like him. Guys like it when the woman makes the first move! The overall communication in a relationship is better if the woman is older because she won’t act like a young girl, not answering her phone to show her importance.

She is more open to communication about the issues creeping in and also about her sexual needs. A woman openly shares her desires and expectations from the relationship; it becomes easy for the man to please her. The best thing is that she doesn’t feel that she’ll lose her man by talking about her needs because as it is, she won’t!

Dating a younger man in your 40s

Experience helps

Let’s not kidded ourselves; if she is a mature woman, she probably has some experience up her sleeve. And yes, we mean sexually! They are generally not shy about being naked around their man and are also ready to please him.

Experience helps

The more experience they have, the more they know about men’s things in the bedroom and won’t shy away from giving a practical demo of their knowledge. With many years of experience with different, mature women, know the tricks of the trade and what makes a man roar like the lion!


Self-awareness is twisted but very practical. Younger women aren’t so aware of their bodies, and a variety of researches has proven that, so no questioning that! On the other hand, older women have years of experience with other men and themselves. You know what we mean, right?

Men Love Dating Older Women

They have been relieving themselves on their own and have vast knowledge about the things that turn them on and what works best for them! Since they are self-aware, they can better guide their partners in pleasuring them, which becomes a challenge for younger women.

The best part is that they are even ready to teach their younger lovers the tricks which will establish the men as experienced studs after the relationship is over, and they move towards someone their age! Are there any more reasons to date older women that should be on this list? Tell us in the comment section below.


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