Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym, what not to do after a workout

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym. What's a place where a lot of strangers are cramped together to sweat their guts out? A pat on your back

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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym. What’s a place where a lot of strangers are cramped together to sweat their guts out? A pat on your back if you said ‘the gym’! So do you have any idea about what to do to escape a punch from a fellow gym-goer? Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym.

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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym!

  • Flashing your assets
  • Resting on equipment
  • Hitting on the hottie
  • Clinging to a machine
  • Pump up the music
  • Annoying latecomer
  • Sweat on display
  • Visit as a patient
  • A blind eye to the safety
  • Ignoring personal space

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym.

Maybe we just exaggerated that one, but when so many people are stuffed together for some forced intimacy; you never know when you land into trouble with another person. Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym. So we have come up with a practical guide on things to steer clear of while at the gym if you don’t want your backside kicked!

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym
Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym

Flashing your assets

Flashing your assets, we all know you’ve been working out often and are the proud owner of a great body, but cant you keep it to yourself? Everyone is busy working on their share of muscles and fat; your shirtless form will be better appreciated someplace else.

Includes your time in the shower, like by no means are you parading naked within anyone’s vision. Top 10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym. You might not mind showing off your ‘things’ within the same sex, but hello, it can be uncomfortable for the others, so respect their privacy!

Resting on equipment

Resting on equipment We’ve all come across social media addicts, and there is probably nothing wrong with it; hmm, we aren’t sure of that. Anyway, we aren’t worried about your addiction as long as you can keep it out of the gym. Occupying equipment while you are busy scrolling your Facebook feed or sending ‘important’ e-mails is not a sign of good gym etiquette. What is worse than that? Sleeping on the machines, and yes, that happens, yikes!

Hitting on the hottie

Hitting on the hottie, yet we know you meet new people who share the same interest as yours, and a friendly hello poses no harm, but what’s with that flirting? Err, didn’t you join the gym to tone your body and stay fit?

What not to do after a workout

We guess flirting has no role to play in that. So before you come up with yet another cheesy line or ogle that hottie, remember you might have your membership canceled. That, my friend, can happen, so stay clear right from the start!

Clinging to a machine
Clinging to a machine, you aren’t a little kid who wants his toys all for himself. On second thought, even kids learn that toys are meant to be shared with others, so what do you think while you occupy the treadmill for a good 2 hours?

Others in the queue are waiting for their turn on the equipment so hurry up! And yes, the other way round, don’t give tough looks to someone using a machine that you have set your eyes on. Give them some time before you glare at them!

Pump up the music

Pump up the music. It’s great that you have the Chainsmokers playlist running while you work your ass off but is there a need to make the entire gym listen to it?

The person exercising next to you has his adrenaline gushing at the sound of Coldplay, and you could respect that. Tone down the volume to a bearable level so that it doesn’t burst into other people’s ears over their headphones. You could do that!

Annoying latecomer
When you are in the middle of a group session, and a clumsy latecomer enters and creates chaos for everyone to be distracted enough to ruin the entire session, ever felt it?

It’s irritating and annoying and distracting, and so on. Don’t be that latecomer! Even if you late, make sure you quietly enter and disturb as little as possible. On the other hand, if you reach the class well before time, do not, and we repeat, DO NOT push people who are exiting a previous study to reserve a lovely spot!

Sweat on display

Sweat on display, you will sweat while you work out; that’s natural and a common sight at the gym. But leaving your effort dripping off the equipment; is that even allowed?

You wouldn’t want to use a machine if it reeks of someone else’s sweat, and that goes for others as well. Isn’t it easier to use a towel while tone exercises and clean up after yourself? Like it saves the others a lot of trouble and is hardly any effort!

Visit as a patient

Visit as a patient, your immunity gave up, and you caught a cold, that’s okay and by no means do you have to exercise and improve on it while you are still sick! There is no point in punishing your body for giving up on you because, in turn, you are punishing other gym-goers as well. They are already exercising amid a lot of germs, and you certainly are not going to derive any sadistic pleasure in passing them a disease! Or are you?

A blind eye to the safety

A blind eye to the safety of others wow, man, what strength you’ve got! Handling those big weights might have been a challenging task, and so once you were done, you dropped them over! As a child.

We are taught to put our toys back to where they belong, and the gym is an adult’s play area, so the same rules apply. Littering weights can cause others to trip over, so refrain from it. And by the way, it would be nice of you not to make those grunting sounds while you are pushing yourself for more; it sure isn’t enjoyable!

Ignoring personal space

Ignoring personal space, the gym is not your place, so you need to keep in mind others’ spatial needs. Standing up close to a person doing squats or lifting weights will only cause you injuries, because yes, they need SPACE!

How many times did you jump over a person doing push-ups? Just come up with the truth, and yes, you aren’t doing that again because it’s rude! Did you come across such characters at them, or are you the one? Tell us in the comment section below.


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